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Thank you for visiting theVintage Vet web site. If you want more information about my services you can write, phone, or (preferably) email me. I’ll respond to emails within 24 hours.

Vintage Vet
64 Hidcote Road
Leicester, UK, LE2 5PF

Phone: 07986 495793


(The old address can no longer be relied on to work properly - see ‘news’ on the Sales and Wants  page for details. The alternative email shown below is still perfectly OK)

Like most people who publish an email address on the web, I get a lot of spam. Sometimes spam filters can be a bit aggressive. If you’ve emailed me recently and haven’t had a reply, please accept my apologies. The only reason I didn’t reply is because I didn’t see your email. Please try again! Here’s an alternative email address that you can use if you have doubts about whether the one above works for you:

Thanks again for visiting - I look forward to hearing from you.

           Neil Fairley

Vintage Vet

Repair and Restoration of Valve Audio and Radio